Macroreer offers one-stop Datacenter solution and products, including compatible Transceivers, DAC cables, AOC cables, Fiber Optical, Patch-cord, CWDM/DWDM passive/active systems, Network Adapters and more. As a commitment to offering high-quality, reliable and customized products, Macroreer develops and tests new products to meet the growing Data Centers and High Performance Computing market needs. We guarantee only premium materials and quality engineering are used in the designing and manufacturing for the fiber and cooper products of Macroreer and the whole production process are under the highest quality control.

In addition to our extensive product line, our customer service has earned us a reputation of trust that is unparalleled in the industry. Macroreer holds thousands of cables and transceivers in stock to ensure 24-hour shipping for all orders.
Macroreer invests heavily in technology, with a Compatibility Test Lab full of the latest brands of equipment, Macroreer ensures its precise programming for various brands of switches, servers and routers.
We help clients navigate the complexities of their hardware architecture to guarantee compliance throughout the network.
Our service success is proven by the loyalty and support of some of the largest data centers in the world, including: telecommunications, corporations, government agencies and reputable distributors.

Macroreer is a world's Top-10 DAC cable manufacturer. Founded in 2008 in Shenzhen China, Macroreer designs, manufactures and sells optical communication products, including Fiber Optic Transceiver, Direct Attach Copper Cable and AOC Cables. Macroreer takes great pride in its compliance with global industry standards and environmental compliance, such as UL, CSA, ISO14001, RoHS, ect

Our Test Center
Few third party products provider can offer 100% compatible modules while Macroreer can. Only when quality and 100% compatibility is verified and proved do our modules enter the market. This depends on Fiberstore test center which is supported by a variety of mainstream original brand switches and professional staff. We are proud of this test center and believe all of these devices worth the investments, because it brings the best to our customers.